Free Gifts For Recommending Alpenglow

Free Gifts For Recommending Alpenglow

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us and receive gift vouchers as a reward if they book with us!

As a new business we need people to spread the word about us, and we’d much rather give our marketing budget to you, our lovely clients, than advertising. So mention us to your friends, family or colleagues and if they book a holiday with us, we’ll give you a gift voucher for a shop of your choice!*

They just need to give us your name when they book, then we’ll contact you to ask what voucher you’d like and it’ll be on it’s way to you in no time.

For each booking of 1-4 people you’ll receive a voucher for £25, and for each booking of 5 people or more you’ll receive a voucher for £40. There’s no limit to the number of vouchers you can receive, so the more people you tell about us the better!

*As long as we can buy the voucher online. Gift voucher rewards are only available to clients who have booked a holiday with us,  and only for a referred client’s first booking with us. To receive a voucher we must be given your name before or at the time of booking.