Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Group Ski Holiday

Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Group Ski Holiday

In a recent blog post, we gave you our top eight pointers for booking a group ski holiday. They included figuring out a budget, setting dates, how to communicate with the rest of your group, and what information you need in order to make a booking.

Now let’s look at exactly what you need to ask both your group and the ski company or travel agent you’re booking with, to get all the information you need.

No one said booking a group ski holiday was easy – but you can make it simpler for yourself if you ask these questions!

Questions you should ask your group

Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Group Ski HolidayAre you your group’s organiser? It’s a great idea to plan ahead and get as much information from your group as early as possible. That way, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to ensure your group’s ski holiday runs without a hitch and you all have a fabulous time on the slopes (and in the bars!).

Ask your group these questions:

  1. Which dates work best for you? Get your group to give you a selection of dates they’re available, then choose the two weeks from those that most people are free. Then, get your group to choose between those two weeks. Majority rules!
  2. What is your budget? Ask this question before you contact any ski companies, otherwise you won’t know what type of accommodation to look for. It’s also an idea to ask each person this question separately to relieve any embarrassment.
  3. Which country and resort would you like to go to? Someone in your group may have visited somewhere before that would work well for you. You may also find that some in your group want a peaceful, tranquil resort, while some are party animals on the search for raucous nightlife. If you have this information you can ask your ski company to find something to suit everyone.
  4. What type of accommodation would you prefer? Hotel, self-catering, catered ski chalet, independent chalet, sole-occupancy chalet?
  5. What is your level of skiing? Are you a novice or a fully-fledged black run expert.
  6. What are your dietary requirements?
  7. Do you need to book any extras? For example, lift passes and equipment hire.
  8. A self-explanatory question: what is your name on your passport and your date of birth?

Questions you should ask a ski company

Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Group Ski Holiday

While it’s important for a ski company to know exactly what you’re looking for (you’ll have this information if you ask your group the questions above), it’s also important for you to find out as much as possible from your ski company. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to be able to book the group ski holiday that’s right for you.

  1. Do you have any offers available? Ski companies often have early booking offers or last minute deals – it’s always worth asking the question to make sure you get the best deal possible.
  2. What information do you need up front? It may be possible for a ski company to reserve a chalet or a number of hotel rooms for you without needing final names – it’s always best to check.
  3. When do you need to take a deposit and final payment? The answers to these questions are crucial for getting your group to pay up on time! You may also lose your booking if you miss the payment dates.
  4. Can you book accommodation without flights and transfers? You may want to organise transport yourself, for example if you’d prefer to drive or catch the train. It’s normally possible to book accommodation on its own, but it is a good idea to book flights, transfers and accommodation as one package – it’s less complicated and your whole holiday will be covered by the ski company’s insurance.
  5. Which resort would you recommend for my size group? Any good ski company will be able to recommend resorts that are right for your group based on the information you give them. That could include how long the transfer from the airport is, whether you want to be close to nightlife (or just the opposite), if you want plenty of winter activities for when you’re not on the slopes or if you have non-skiers in your group, whether you need to cater for all abilities of skier, if you have boarders in your group who want to be near a good snow park etc.
  6. Which chalet would you recommend for my size group? Again, your ski company will know the accommodation inside out and will be able to recommend something for your group – whether there are only four of you, or whether you’re a large group. You may want a hot tub, a swimming pool, catered accommodation, ski-in/out access, en suite rooms, panoramic mountain views – there will be something to suit you!
  7. What is there to do off the slopes? If you have any non-skiers in your group or don’t want to spend long days (or every day) on the slopes, it’s important that there are other activities nearby. This could simply be shops or a cinema, or winter activities such as dog-sledging, ice-skating or snow-walking.
  8. What are the après-ski and nightlife like? Do you have an energetic group who likes to party? Make sure you ask about resorts which can fully satisfy these needs! You’ll probably be pointed in the direction of Austria – the birthplace of legendary après.
  9. How far are the chalets you’re recommending from the ski lift? This is an important one – if you want quick and easy ski access, check if the chalet is ski-in/out, or that it’s just a short walk from a gondola.

Do you have any more questions to add? Let us know!

For advice, information and to book your next group ski holiday, contact us and let’s chat.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Book a Group Ski Holiday