Courchevel Chalets


Courchevel is a world-class ski resort in the 3 Valleys ski area, with access to 600km of pistes. Renowned for super-luxury, practically everything in Courchevel is high-end including the pistes and lift system, the Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive hotels and ski chalets, and ultra-stylish shops.

Each village within Courchevel has its own personality, advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll certainly find something to suit you.

Courchevel’s catered ski chalets range from the super-luxurious to much more down to earth, meaning it caters for all budgets. The incredible skiing is for everyone, though.

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Perhaps the glitziest ski resort there is, Courchevel is not just a ski resort but one of the global destinations for the rich and famous who flock there just to be seen. To some, this can be a major draw to the resort, to others it can overshadow something that Courchevel was famous for before the jet-setters discovered it. The skiing, which is world-class. Most skiers and snowboarders who have visited a lot of resorts will put the 3 Valleys in their list of top resorts, and Courchevel is generally recognised as having the best skiing the 3 Valleys have to offer. This does cause some people to argue that Courchevel has the best single ski area in the world…

Courchevel is split into several resorts, Courchevel Le Praz (formerly Courchevel 1300), Courchevel Village (formerly 1550), Courchevel Moriond (formerly 1650), and the grand-daddy of them all, Courchevel 1850. Each part of the resort has its own ambiance as well as various advantages and disadvantages of staying there.

Courchevel Le Praz

The original Courchevel, Le Praz is an old and traditional Alpine village at the base of the ski area. The village itself is nothing short of beautiful, the views over the lake with the ski jump from the 1992 Albertville Olympics in the background is one of the most iconic vistas in the Alps. The village has everything a skier needs; several ski hire shops, a ski pass office and a choice of two gondolas. One (Le Praz) drops skiers off in the centre of 1850. The second (Le Foret) offers immediate access to Meribel from the summit of the Loze. The village doesn’t have the nightlife that the other areas offer but there are a handful of spots, the liveliest of which is L’Escourchevel, known locally as the Sports Bar which shows all the big matches as well as having live music several times a week. For restaurants, you are spoilt for choice. Le Bistrot du Praz is one of the best local speciality restaurants in the Alps, and there are several creperies and pizzerias for those looking to keep to a budget.

Courchevel Village (1550)

Often seen as the budget alternative to 1850, Village is situated just below it. The Grangettes gondola goes straight into La Croisette and there is the choice of two chairlifts, Dou du Midi and the Tovets. This choice tends to prevent bottlenecking in the morning and provides those looking to explore the vast 3 Valleys with a great jumping off point and offers better value for money than 1850. The village itself has a few restaurants; fondues and raclettes at Le Caveau, and great steaks cooked on an open fire at L’Oeil du Boeuf. It doesn’t offer a great deal of choice with bars though; those looking for a good night out are best off jumping on the bus and heading up to Moriond that offers more choice.

Courchevel Moriond (1650)

Fast becoming the only place in the resort to stay for skiers and boarders looking for a bit of atmosphere and nightlife. A much more ‘down to earth’ experience than Courchevel 1850, accommodation here generally offers much more value for money thanks to a plethora of centrally located chalet hotels. Smaller sole-occupancy ski chalets are well represented here too. For après-ski, try the Brit-run Bubble Bar or the Funky Fox. For a little more choice, head over the road to Rocky’s. The skiing itself does need some explaining. It doesn’t link very easily to the rest of the 3 Valleys. To do this, skiers do need to take two or three lifts before you can ski down to Meribel. If access to the 3 Valleys is paramount, 1850 or 1550 would be better choices. That said, its relative isolation can be viewed as a positive. The ski area in and around Courchevel 1650 is very much a ‘go-to’ area for skiers looking for untouched off piste or uncrowded and gentle blues. For beginners, the fact the resort is relatively peaceful means the money you spend on tuition goes a little further because you are not spending quite so much time queuing for lifts.

Courchevel (1850)

Courchevel 1850 is justifiably famous for two things; its incredible skiing and its high end accommodation. The skiing itself in 1850 is extremely varied for a relatively small area, and offers something to all levels. The accommodation is mostly hotel-based, with some of the very best hotels in the world – many of which have to be seen to be believed. There are also a handful of ultra-high end private ski chalets to cater for the high net worth individuals who flock here. That said, for those that know where to look, there are some excellent mid-range alternatives that offer skiers with a more modest budget somewhere to stay. Bars and après-ski used to be a strong point in Courchevel 1850, but recently these have been bought up and converted into high end restaurants and cocktail bars. The only real après spot is Le Ku De Ta, and the only affordable watering spot is Le Refuge, a real ‘spit and sawdust’ French-run bar right in the centre of the resort.

Our chalets in Courchevel

Crystal 2000

Crystal 2000, sleeps 109-151

This chalet hotel is almost the perfect family ski holiday, offering onsite childcare


Cascades, sleeps 56-78

A large chalet in a wonderful position in Courchevel 1650.

Les Anemones

Les Anemones, sleeps 58-73

A chalet hotel in Courchevel 1850 with the perfect location close to both the skiing and the glitzy town centre too

Chalet Rikiki

Chalet Rikiki, sleeps 22

A ski to the door chalet with a lovely living room. One of the most popular chalets in the Alps


Estrella, sleeps 21

A large high quality chalet located just outside Courchevel 1650 village centre.


Elan, sleeps 16-20

A traditional, free-standing chalet in a convenient location in Courchevel 1850.


Mouria, sleeps 12-16

A gorgeous chalet with a hot tub and sauna located close to the slopes and town centre too


Sureau, sleeps 16

A well located chalet, close to the lifts and resort centre with superb service and excellent food

Jardin d’Angele

Jardin d’Angele, sleeps 14-15

A high quality chalet in a gorgeous location in Courchevel Le Praz with a hot tub!

Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest, sleeps 12

A traditional chalet located in Courchevel 1650 accommodating 12 guests

Le R

Le R, sleeps 8-12

A luxury chalet for 8-12 guests with a hot tub enjoying a convenient location close to the skiing in Courchevel 1550


Montana, sleeps 10-12

A flagship standard luxury ski chalet offering superb ski access

Dulcis Casu

Dulcis Casu, sleeps 10-12

A stunning chalet in Courchevel Le Praz

Founets Amont

Founets Amont, sleeps 10-11

A gorgeous chalet serving great good, located just off one of the best beginner slopes in France

Premier De Cordee

Premier De Cordee, sleeps 10-11

A lovely traditional chalet with a good catering service

Passe Montagne

Passe Montagne, sleeps 10-11

A lovely stand-alone chalet in a peaceful location with a comfortable living room and good food


Loup Blanc, sleeps 11

A fantastic 11 guest chalet with a state of the art Pool House


Mollard, sleeps 10

A gorgeous self-catered chalet with a hot tub located in Courchevel 1650.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle, sleeps 10

A traditional chalet built from local stone and wood in Courchevel 1650

Darkoum Kalo

Darkoum Kalo, sleeps 8-10

A smart chalet apartment boasting a piste side location


Benjamin, sleeps 10-11

A brand new chalet located just off the slopes with superb facilities


Jacques, sleeps 10

A lovely new chalet in Courchevel with a slopeside location and outdoor hot tub too

Le Notus

Le Notus, sleeps 10

A spacious, high quality chalet in a secluded yet convenient location with a private sauna

Clarines d’Or

Clarines d’Or, sleeps 8-10

A lovely chalet within easy reach of the Ariondaz gondola with a lovely living room


Corelli, sleeps 8-10

A modern and comfortable chalet apartment in a central location in Courchevel 1650


Pure, sleeps 10

A stylish chalet apartment in Courchevel Le Praz

Founets Aval

Founets Aval, sleeps 8-9

A beautiful catered ski chalet with a very good catering service, located just off the Bellecote piste

Le Misti

Le Misti, sleeps 8

A cosy chalet for up to 8 guests located at the entrance of Courchevel 1650


Emilie, sleeps 8

A stunning chalet in a traditional mountain village


Louis, sleeps 8

A basic and traditional chalet sleeping 9 guests in a picturesque location


Chinchilla, sleeps 6-8

A luxury chalet in an exclusive location in Courchevel 1850

La Vieille Forge

La Vieille Forge, sleeps 8

A gorgeous catered chalet apartment with the glitz and glamour of Courchevel 1850 right on the doorstep


Samuel, sleeps 6-8

A gorgeous brand new chalet located on the slopes with an outdoor hot tub


Orchidee, sleeps 8

A stunner of a chalet in a superb location, two living rooms and super spa facilities too

Le Mazot

Le Mazot, sleeps 8

A lovely stand-alone chalet in a convenient yet secluded location in Courchevel 1650

Le Bonheur

Le Bonheur, sleeps 8

A comfortable chalet in a convenient location offering superb value for money


Everest, sleeps 8

A modern and spacious chalet apartment within easy walk of the Ariondaz gondola


Everest II, sleeps 8

A modern Chalet Apartment in the new Everest Building in Courchevel Moriond


Igloo, sleeps 8

A very well priced flagship chalet in Courchevel Le Praz with a hot tub, sauna and swimming pool

Darkoum Lama

Darkoum Lama, sleeps 6-7

A good quality chalet apartment located just off the piste serving amazing food

Le Bisolet

Le Bisolet, sleeps 7

A lovely traditional chalet with a spacious living room and sauna

Jean Blanc

Jean Blanc, sleeps 6

A small chalet apartment in one of the best locations in Courchevel 1850.

Darkoum Makan

Darkoum Makan, sleeps 4-6

A top quality chalet apartment located on the side of the Bellecote piste


Epicea, sleeps 6

Modern Chalet apartment with a super location in Courchevel 1650


Maurilisa, sleeps 6

A rare 6 guest chalet with an outdoor hot tub located a short walk from everything you need


Eterlou, sleeps 4-6

A wonderful little chalet, almost perfectly set up for families

Le Bouquetin

Le Bouquetin, sleeps 6

An incredibly spacious chalet apartment for 6 guests in a super location close to the resort centre and skiing


Caribou, sleeps 6

A bright and spacious chalet in a convenient location in Courchevel 1650


Irma, sleeps 6

A new built cosy property in Courchevel 1650

Everest III

Everest III, sleeps 6

A stylish Chalet apartment in Courchevel 1650

Le Blanchot

Le Blanchot, sleeps 4

A gorgeous little catered chalet for just 4 guests in a super location.


Bellevue, sleeps 4

A smaller chalet for just 4 people with the 3 Valley ski area on your doorstep

La Terrasse

La Terrasse, sleeps 4

One of the nicest small chalet in the 3 Valleys

Les Marmottes

Les Marmottes, sleeps 2

A catered chalet for just two guests?! Yes, it really exists!